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Omacan News Flashes

Omacan's ongoing series of short news flashes

OMACAN welcomes it's first international volunteers from the United Kingdom and Canada

September 24, 2018

OMACAN was delighted to welcome and host its first international volunteers outside of its directors.  The volunteers spent two weeks with OMACAN at OMACAN House and volunteered at various projects in the Masaka district with OMACAN and with its partner organizations dedicated to street children and the extreme poor of the area.

OMACAN House moves to new leased private secure compound

October 1, 2018

OMACAN is happy to announce it secured a lease for its new home from VI Agroforestry of Sweden, an NGO that has operated in Uganda for the previous 20 years.  The set of buildings houses OMACAN's residence, office, classroom, meeting area, volunteer short stay rooms, and education pilot project lab spaces.  The compound is beautiful and secure and will be home to OMACAN for the next few years while it acquires its own property to run its operations.

OMACAN Launches Broiler Chicken educational project based on micro-business incubator model for local agricultural businesses.

October 31, 2018

Today OMACAN launched this innovative education model that combines the best of local mentors in small agricultural specialties with OMACAN's president a successful business executive as a business teacher and mentor.  The project is launching with a broiler chicken project with the first student being Kabugo Abdul and 55 1 day old chicks. 

The students role is to build the required housing, acquire the necessary equipment (drinkers, feeders), learn set up, feeding, health, and growth strategies as part of production.  On the business side they learn financial literacy of the business, sales, marketing and collections. 

At end of the lifecycle profits will be calculated and student will be allowed to advance to next expansion and learn the challenges of raising more chickens.   The incubator is a safe, torture free way for these youth to learn these skills without being beaten for failure and without the family starving from failure which is often the norm.

OMACAN Launches Grasshopper Catching Education project based on its micro-business incubator lab model for local agricultural businesses.

November 15, 2018

Today OMACAN launched the second project in this innovative education model that combines the best of local mentors in small agricultural specialties with OMACAN's president a successful business executive as a business teacher and mentor. The grasshopper catching project is launching with the first student being Kabunga Ronald and 10 barrels in Kitaka, Nyendo paired with a woman mentor who grew up in the grasshopper catching business her entire life.   This is a uniquely Ugandan business, a niche of the Masaka District where twice a year during rainy seasons, the grasshoppers flood the night skies from breeding in the Lake Victoria basin swamps.  Grasshopper catching techniques and strategies have developed over decades and Ugandans line up to eat the delicious source of protein.

OMACAN issues Cease and Desist order to Foundation of Hope

January 20, 2019

OMACAN issued cease and desist order to the executive director Mukasa Epafuladito and his board of directors at Foundation of Hope (FOHO) from using OMACAN's intellectual property and trademarks with the school OMACAN built and which FOHO has been managing since its opening.  The Minister of Education and Sports of Uganda ordered all unlicensed schools to not open in 2019, and OMACAN discovered in spite of communicating to us for the past 2 years, he sought and applied for a school license , the Ministry confirmed no license is issued thereby making the operating of the school illegal.  OMACAN launched a criminal investigation with the Masaka Police Criminal Investigation Division in late fall of 2018 for financial irregularities and abuse of children OMACAN discovered at the school earlier in 2018.  That criminal investigation is ongoing.  OMACAN has advised other international charities to be advised of the deceptive,  fraudulent and abusive behaviors at its illegal shelter and at the school  which is all presently under investigation.

OMACAN Receives First Private Foundation Grant

February 8, 2019

Omacan today was delighted to receive its first grant from a private foundation.  Omacan wishes to thank the Trustee's of the Sarah Fuller Foundation for its very generous donation to help us with our most urgent needs.  For us this was a historic moment and we are very humbled.   Thank you

OMACAN Charitable Tax Receipts for 2018 emailed to all donors

February 12, 2019

OMACAN completed the issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts and emailed digital copies to all donors and foundations.  If you have not received yours please email [email protected]

2018 Results

• Expanded school sponsorships of street children to other educational institutions

• Sponsored operations of the Donna Watkinson School of Hope for 110 street children and extremely poor students in Term 1 of the 2018 School year

• Launched trade skills apprenticeship education partnerships

• Launched a micro-business incubator to teach agriculture and entrepreneurship skills to street children to create business futures.

• Brought three more street children into our full-time care through Ugandan court care orders

• Sponsored a young woman into a Nursing Midwife degree program at Kampala International University

• Sponsored a young woman into hair dressing by providing her with lodging and feeding while attending her apprenticeship program

• Evaluated partnerships with organizations serving street children who have principled operators and staff to identify credible legal partners for 2019

• Provided food and nutritional support to over 300 street children,

• Served over 8,000 nutritional meals.

• Hosted our first volunteers from Canada and the United Kingdom

Thank you everyone for your love and support in 2018. 

OMACAN Launches New Online Donor Store (shop.omacan.com) simplifies giving

March 5, 2019

OMACAN launches new online donor store to simplify directed giving options for donors.  Our primary general donation site remains under the DONATE menu above, but we think our donors and the community will enjoy the many options for ways of giving in 2019 in a way that aligns to their wishes.  Our main area of need remains our Education programs and Feeding programs to support the children pursuing a better future however have no ability to secure food.  You can choose SHOP menu above or visit us at https://shop.omacan.com.

OMACAN discontinues partnership with Foundation of Hope (FOHO) after discovering financial irregularities in the construction of the Donna Watkinson School of Hope and fraud, deceptions as well with use of funds Omacan transferred to support FOHO operations for six months in 2017.

January 26, 2018

OMACAN severs all ties and financial support for all projects in Uganda that were managed, operated by the executive director of Foundation of Hope, Mr. Mukasa Epafuladito and his child protection officer Mr. Bwowe Damiano, both suspected of deception, fraud in financial matters and physical and psychological abuse of children in their care at their street childrens hostel.   OMACAN will do a very thorough and careful investigation and audit funds and uses throughout 2015, 2016 and 2017 and if needed will pursue full legal recourse.  

UPDATE:  June 2018.  FOHO Street Children's Shelter deemed illegal by Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development issues close order demanding closure by June 30, 2018.  Please click on FOHO logo to the left.

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