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WE BELIEVE:  YES ONE CAN make a difference in the world. Just ONE, One person, one woman, one man, one child, one youth, one teacher, one engineer, one doctor, one mother, one grandparent...EACH ONE HELP ONE

OUR MISSION: To educate and help the extreme poor, the orphaned and street children of Africa make a difference in our world.

TODAY: CHOOSE TO BE ONE person to help us, help a child make a difference in our world and in their lives and the lives of their nation. We have many urgent needs that could use your financial support.


•  Expanded school sponsorships of street children to other educational institutions
•  Sponsored operations of the Donna Watkinson School of Hope for 110 street children and extremely poor students in Term 1 of the 2018 School year

• Launched trade skills apprenticeship education partnerships in electricity, solar, satellite, welding, carpentry

• Launched a micro-business incubator to teach agriculture and entrepreneurship skills to street children to create business futures for themselves.

•  Brought three more street children into our full-time care at Omacan House through Ugandan court care orders

•  Sponsored a young woman into Nursing Midwife program at Kampala International University

•  Sponsored a young woman into hair dressing by providing her with lodging and feeding while attending her apprenticeship program

•  Evaluated partnerships with organizations serving street children who have principled operators and staff to identify credible legal partners for 2019

•  Provided food and nutritional support to over 300 street children, and served over 8,000 nutritional meals.

•  Hosted our first volunteers from Canada and the United Kingdom

•  Earned Canadian Registered Charity status with the Canadian Revenue Agency

All thanks to our Omacan donors and sponsors. Please become ONE today and donate below. YES ONE CAN!


Canadian Donors Receive Tax Receipts for their donations. 

OMACAN is a Canadian Registered Charity, 79982 8082 RR0001

For information on all registered charities in Canada, please visit Canada Revenue Agency https://www.canada.ca/charities-giving.