‚ÄčOne can make a difference



Safe Refuge from a Life on the Streets for
Street Children who commit to transform their futures through educational development.

All resident minor children are under High Court of Uganda Care Orders

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OMACAN House, is home for some of the former street children pursuing the opportunities OMACAN's donors sponsorships are giving them.  All resident children under 18 have Ugandan Court Care Orders that cover their stay at OMACAN House under the care of the President of OMACAN and OMACAN team.  Currently there are 7 Children resident.

OMACAN House is also home to our Education Micro-Business Incubator Lab for older street children.  Current projects include Grasshopper Catching, Broiler Chickens, Local Chickens, Local Goats, Rabbits, and Chapati Innovation.  Children learn the production skills from local mentors and then business education from the president of OMACAN.

OMACAN House is also home to OMACAN's Uganda office and OMACAN Volunteer short stay lodging for international volunteers who choose our residential stay program while volunteering on projects.

Learning to rear local goats, and Rabbits in the OMACAN Education Micro-Business Incubator Lab at OMACAN House.

Learning how to be part of a family and of a home after a life on the streets. OMACAN House provides shelter, food, counseling and mentoring to these former street children pursuing their educations and better lives.  Some nights like above, its group discussions and a great place for the children to learn English, their national language through English immersion.

Learning to rear broiler chickens in the OMACAN Education Micro-Business Incubator lab at OMACAN House.

Sponsor a child.  Sponsor some food.  Sponsor a project.