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In July 2017, The Street Kids  Soccer Team with funding and sponsorship of OMACAN and its donors was  born. 

Yes that is our team in June on the right side in blue. 

Proud to wear their Union Gas donated Tee Shirts and whatever shorts they had available. 

No socks, cleats or shin guards to play, but an incredible will to win. 

These kids have been fighting all their young lives, and this day like everyday they were giving life and the game their best.

In 2019, OMACAN is proud to announce support for a Masaka OMACAN Street Kids Team

The Team is Reborn

OMACAN notices their will to win. Their will to show up and be a team on the soccer field. No matter the personal cost or danger of injury.

Barefoot and Proud.

Our president designs them a team logo and when they are presented it one morning wake up call by the daily video chat with Canada, the shelter erupts in absolute joy and excitement.  

The boys, their courage, their will had been seen.  It was this day in June 2017, the team was reborn for the players and in 2018 it is expanded to be a street kids team for OMACAN.

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OMACAN Masaka Football Team Practice

OMACAN Masaka Football Team practices at the Kizungu, Masaka playground under the coaching of "Coach" Walisimbi Augustine.

Football teaches many skills to these youth, including teamwork, responsibility, anger management, discipline, and commitment to name just a few. 

OMACAN is looking to find football clubs or players from the west to sponsor an academy for street children and girls football.

“The game teaches us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

Name of Person

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The Game that Inspired a Real Team

It was an event where OMACAN hired a bus to take a group of street kids to Lake Nabugabo beach in Masaka for a swim and a football game broke out.
OMACAN's president could see their passion and believes this is a means to meet the children where their hearts are.

“To you from failing hands, we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.”

Canadian John McCrae

The 2017, OMACAN sponsors Street Kids Soccer Team from Nyendo, Masaka who represented OMACAN's School the Donna Watkinson School of Hope. The children received not only respect but invitations to play by the for Profit Schools, now they represent Omacan across the district.

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Sponsor a child.  Sponsor some food.  Sponsor a project.

Please, give Hope a chance for these children and become a sponsor of a child at the Donna Watkinson School of Hope.  A sponsorship is $360 Canadian or $300 US Dollars/year and provides a child with a meal each day, their education and a uniform. Our sponsorship's are highly interactive with the school and sponsored children. 

Or sponsor one of our staple food products like a 100 kg bag of Maize or a 100 kg. bag of Beans for the nutrition program. 

Or sponsor one of our key projects please reach out to us on our contact page and we can make that happen as well.