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“My life has been forever transformed by volunteering in Uganda. Its people and its unspoiled beauty, the culture of gratitude and joy have filled my soul in unimaginable ways.  I encourage anyone to join us for an experience of a lifetime”

Dave Welling, Co-founder and President of Omacan

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The Orphans who inspired it all

Our project work and our school is in the village of Kalagala, in Masaka, Uganda and the surrounding 4 villages that are comprised of more than 800 orphans we first met in 2013.  This is a song the children performed for the founders of OMACAN during their first visit in 2013.  These children along with the street kids of the Nyendo slum have inspired us.  The children often say to us "thank you for loving us, thank you so, so much" and to that child we reply "Weebale nnyo nkwagala nnyo, nnyo, nnyo.  Neeyan zizza nnyo" which means similar in Lugandan

Some Videos from OMACAN Voluntour Trips

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A Fun Trailer from our 2013 Visit to the Villages

The need is great, the joy even greater.

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Sunrise over Masaka

The Sunrises and Sunsets in Uganda are almost always spectacular and filled with sounds of the largest collection of bird species of any country on earth.

OMACAN Volunteers Welcomed by the first students at the Donna Watkinson School of Hope in June 2017.

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Sponsor a child.  Sponsor some food.  Sponsor a project.

Please, give Hope a chance for these children and become a sponsor of a child at the Donna Watkinson School of Hope.  A sponsorship is $360 Canadian or $300 US Dollars/year and provides a child with a meal each day, their education and a uniform. Our sponsorship's are highly interactive with the school and sponsored children. 

Or sponsor one of our staple food products like a 100 kg bag of Maize or a 100 kg. bag of Beans for the nutrition program. 

Or sponsor one of our key projects please reach out to us on our contact page and we can make that happen as well.